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FISU’s Jasmini Ananda’s 80th Birthday Celebration, Sat, 12th July 2014 @ 6pm

FISU’s Jasmini Ananda’s 80th Birthday Party, Sat, 12th July 2014 @ 6pm

Venue: Kanchans Banqueting Suite, Perth Road, Gants Hill, Ilford Essex – IG2 6BX

Order of Events:

18.00 – Jasmini’s Trinidad Rum Punch Reception

19.00 – Starters – the feast begins!

19.30 – Dedication

20.00 – Main Course – the feast continues

20.45 – Dessert

21.00 – Dancing – Asian and Western beats mix

21.45 – Cutting of the special 80th Birthday Cake

22.00 – Jasmini Ananda´s Special Celebration Invitation Dance

22.15 – Dancing – Bop ’till you drop

00.01 – Carriages

Menu: Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian

Including the finest Indian Cuisine in honour of Gururaj and lots of surprises…..

Free Bar with Wine, Spirits and other Alcoholic and Soft Drinks

Places are limited, so early booking is suggested to avoid disappointment.

Children: Children occupying a seat pay full price.



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  • If you are not attending in person, here are the details to follow the Jasmini Ananda Funeral online.

  • Our day is better when we start it with a meditation!

    #meditation #dailymeditation #fisumeditation…

  • Our Beloved Jasmini passed away today at 02.25 AM after kidney and heart failure. The last few months have been a s…

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