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Glimmer of Love (Poetry) – Gururaj Ananda Yogi Re-Edited 2016 Version

Deluded by the material objects of this devastating world –
My true identify lies buried in life’s darkened clouds;
Like the sun: the illumined Self, alas, in shadows shrouded,
I ask, “What is the meaning of all this”. I question “Who am I.”

Mighty pillars of the universe support the earth on which I stand;
A little speck of dust may I be. Hundreds of books read: no answer.
Bewildered and fatigued I lay down my limbs. I peer into the skies,
I become calm and still, I hear a nightingale sing her song.

The answer in a flash comes “Your Spirit is the Lord of all.”
You are not a speck of dust, throw away your books. Just go inside.

Gururaj Ananda Yogi
A sample poem from the book – Glimmer of Love

I have never known anyone that could combine the usual western and Sanskrit metrical systems into one whole package with its ingrain profundity…
Prof. Merril Harmin
Ph.D – University of Illinois

I have followed him around the world where he held his seminars and university lectures and found myself uplifted. His wit and wisdom I could find nowhere, though I had many Gurus. He just pours our spontaneous poetry.
R. Morosani Ph.D
Lecturer – Los Angeles

I thought I knew the meaning of love, until he showed me the value of a greater love.
V.L Anderson M.A. Psychologist

I am familiar with the works of Nobel prize-winner Tagore, also Keats, Byron, Shelley etc. I would not be surprised if this work would not be awarded a Nobel Prize also.
S.Johnson M.A
Educationalist and Psychologist.

So simple, so beautiful, so profound. A rare contribution to English literature.
Ramon Carballa Sanchex, Educationist and Psychiatrist

I have walked many miles and saw so many shadows and smiles. Then I met him. Is he Buddha or Christ on earth? I do not know. His poetry entrances mm.
Williams Aycock, JR, Law Consultant, Washington.


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