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G/UK76/12 – Benefits of Chanting, Effort in Fitting Meditation in Daily Routine, The 3 Gunas (Raja,Tama,Sattva), Meditation and Invention, Chakras

Chanting – benefits (physical and psychological ) / Significance of words of chant / Effort involved in fitting meditation in to daily routine / Is the end of the world imminent / Concentrating on the present / Tamas / Rajas / Sattva / Nature of the universe / Creative ability / Pyramid energy, flying saucers and Atlantis / Astral travel, existence’s on other planets / Higher mental levels / Meditation and invention / Mind, body, spirit and heart Non-religious people / Part played by Kundalini in growth – Chakras – Kundalini Yoga / Evil product of man’s mind / Possession by evil.


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