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R/2011/10 – Balanced Mind, Meditation and its Affect, Guide Our Children from Incurring Bad Karma, Time Management, Reincarnation (RF)

What is a balanced mind / Does meditation affect our dreams / Death / Does meditation stop the ageing process/ As a parent can we do something or guide our children from incurring bad karma / How can we manage our time better / Overcoming fear / Life’s lessons / Process of reincarnation / Who created God / Were souls innocent before acquiring karma / Past lives / Does the Earth have a consciousness


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  • If you are not attending in person, here are the details to follow the Jasmini Ananda Funeral online.

  • Our day is better when we start it with a meditation!

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  • Our Beloved Jasmini passed away today at 02.25 AM after kidney and heart failure. The last few months have been a s…

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