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R/UK 2002/6 – Experiences & Lessons In Life, Illnesses and Fear of Death, Meditation and Martial Arts, Deja Vu, Feelings of Like or Dislike Others (RF)

In our evolvement are we here to learn new experiences or do we already know the lessons and are here to remember who we are / Can meditation give inspiration to others about how we deal with life / Some people hate their lives until they are seriously ill – is this because of fear of death / I meditate regularly but I participate and have a great interest for different fighting arts and combat sports – will this affect my spiritual unfoldment / Is there a heaven and hell / What is Deja  vu / Can you please explain how we can deal with the feeling of like and dislike towards others because of their actions / Why do people that have been give the correct advice sometimes ignore this and carry out the opposite


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  • If you are not attending in person, here are the details to follow the Jasmini Ananda Funeral online.

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