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R/UK 2002/9 – Midnight Special Experiences, Why Is So Hard to Find Love, Not Reaching Enlightenment In This Life Time & Does Specific Life Style Encourages it, Dealing With Growth, Differences Free Will & Freedom, Karma (RP)

Midnight special experiences / Everyone is looking to love and to be loved, so why do some of us have a hard time finding it / Is it wrong for me to accept that I will not reach enlightenment in this lifetime / Whilst travelling in South East Asia, I met many people who had nothing in terms of material processions, and yet they had so much love and happiness. Are these people more evolved and pure than us and if so, if they meditated would they become self realised much quicker / What is the difference between free will and freedom / Can you please talk of the transitional sphere on the path of unfoldment / How can one better deal with growth / Are we not cheating the natural system of evolution by meditating and do some people have the privilege of being taught meditation and others not / Many top branded companies use cheap labour tactics to produce their products and treat their staff very badly. Where does the karma lie – with the companies or with us for supporting them with our custom


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  • If you are not attending in person, here are the details to follow the Jasmini Ananda Funeral online.

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  • Our Beloved Jasmini passed away today at 02.25 AM after kidney and heart failure. The last few months have been a s…

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