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R/UK 2003/10 – Negative People How We Can Love & Deal With Them, Feelings of Ungrateful And In Turn Displeased With My self, Retain Calm & In Peace

How can we love those close to us that are always being negative / How can I learn to deal with negative people, especially those that are close to us / Sometimes no matter how good life is, there is still a void and feeling of un-fulfilment. This makes me feel ungrateful and in turn displeased with myself. Can this be overcome or is it a necessary time for reflection on the progress and achievement of life’s challenges / How do we deal with people that are jealous and impose their fear on us / It seems that we often need negative situations in our life to make us start thinking about our emotional and Spiritual sides – why is this the case / My feeling of calm and peace seems to go when I am confronted with vandalism and aggression in my direct living area – what can I do.


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