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R/UK 2007/6 – What is the Ego, Understanding with the Mind but Realising with the Heart, Being Good & doing Good, Nature of Creativity (RF)

I have read that relative to the universe, this planet is like a speck of dust on Waterloo station and on that speck of dust there are 6 billion people. So on one level I can see that I am not very much at all. But on another level I know that I am something and that something is key to my motivation in life. What is that something – is it just ego or something else? / How can an unborn child benefit when we meditate / How did I choose my mum and Dad with my soul / Can you please explain to us understanding something within the mind and realising something within the heart / While we are still learning to trust our intuition, how can we tell the difference between genuine intuition and our minds telling us what we want to hear / Within the different opinions of what being good and doing good means, is there only one truth or are there many / Is the mantra that we have now the same vibration when we got our individuality from the big bang / Divinity is a neutral force and on another level a personal God – can you please talk about the ‘Personal God’ / Can you talk to us about the nature of creativity and how to increase it in our lives / Several philosophies such as those put forward by Buddhism, the Bhagavad Gita and Vivekananda say that ‘Control of the Mind’ is an essential part of Spiritual Growth. Is it possible to have control of the mind without repression?


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