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R/UK 2010/7 – How to Became Non-Attached to Life And My Children, Avatar and His Present On Earth, Child Sex Abuse, Incarnations , Spiritual Marriage (RF)

Is it possible to become non-attached to life and my children, if so, how? And do you need to be self-realised to do so / At a previous Togathering you spoke about the reason for the Avatar incarnation and seven enlightened persons being present on earth. Can you please speak more about this / The recent child sex abuse scandal in the Catholic church has broken the faith of many Christians. What are your thoughts about these reported cases of paedophilia and the fact that the priests involved were allowed to continue practising and abusing children instead of facing criminal charges. Also, do you feel that this scandal will bring about the demise of Catholicism / Can you give us an insight into your past incarnations – how do you know what you were and how do you know. Also did our paths cross / In any situation, when do you stay and fight and when do you move on / What does the character, personality and actions of an enlightened soul look like. Are they able to feel unconditional love for someone who has committed crimes such as murder, rape and abuse / How is it that prayers are answered and is it important to pray? / What is a Spiritual marriage


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