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R/UK 2010/9 – Meditation Shows with Clarity Our Self , Our Issues and Sometimes Can Be Very Frustrating, Detachment to the Loved Ones, Glimpses of Light & Enlightenment

I love meditation but sometimes can find it frustrating. I have great highs and great lows but in my times of detachment I can see my self image and recently it has become clear that I have a deep rooted issue. I remain regular and this issue becomes clearer and clearer yet remains stubborn in terms of pulling that root out and ridding myself of a burden that I feel holds me back from success in my working life / Why is it that people who do a lot for others seem to be less appreciated than those who don’t ever seem to care of help others / Most mystics talk a lot about detachment and the giving up of your ego self leading to enlightenment and peace. I find this difficult to do especially when I think about loved ones and how to differentiate yourself from the ego self / Through meditation I have seen glimpses of light. Is it possible to wave most of the clouds away and enjoy the quality light relationships / Assuming there is a higher boss to go to, what’s the best way to deal with an irrational boss


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