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The Path Of Unfoldment – Gururaj Ananda Yogi

This book contains the basic principles of the teachings of Gururaj Ananda Yogi (1932-1988), a mystic of our time. His teaching imbibes both the Eastern and Western systems of wisdom. It is based on his own spiritual experience gained with his guru, Swami Pavitrananda in his native India which led him to the highest state of Self-realization and, later, through living a Western lifestyle in his adopted city of Cape Town. In 1974 Gururaj gave up the householder way of life to devote himself to full-time spiritual teaching so that he could share his realisations with others throughout the world. His teachings are profound yet practical. The principle aim is to help ordinary people to realise their own spiritual potential within their daily active life, aided by what are possibly the most powerful personally prescribed meditation techniques available in the West today.
This practical guide to his teachings was compiled by Savita Taylor in 1979 from Gururaj’s lectures, or Satsangs, which he delivered to students all over the world. It is reprinted here in its entirety without alteration from the original text. However, some sections may seem to be out of date such as the description of how mantras are derived by Gururaj himself. It should therefore be remembered that before Gururaj died, he left instructions as to how this procedure was to be continued, and so the same principle applies today under the spiritual guidance of Rajesh Ananda and Jasmini Ananda two of his prime disciples.
Gururaj spoke from the heart, drawing directly from his profound inner knowledge and experience. He never prepared his lectures, but answered questions spontaneously as they were asked. The content of his Satsangs ranges from mystical and philosophical concepts, to practical advice on how to live a full, happy and purposeful life. Gururaj dedicated himself to helping the movement of each individual along the Spiritual Path, no matter what their religion, belief or lifestyle. The tremendous love that shines through his teachings leaves us with a sense of trust that each one of us has the ability to draw upon that underlying source of divine energy and, by so doing, our spiritual journey is accelerated and enriched. The Path of Unfoldment is a book that inspires self-discovery.


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