The FISU shop forms part of our Spiritual Knowledge Base, as there are 600 downloadable Satsang (Spiritual Lectures) MP3s, covering every conceivable subject that can assist and guide the spiritual aspirant or meditator. The material is inspiring and often revolutionary, taking the highest philosophical truths and bringing them down into layman’s terms, allowing us to understand our purpose, our challenges and assist us in the quest to discover our true self.


If you are seeking a Satsang MP3 download on a particular subject, as there are so many recordings, we suggest that you use the PRODUCT SEARCH facility to your left to find your topic. Recordings vary from 45 to 120 minutes but only take a few moments to download via a broadband connection. Satsangs will often cover a range of related subjects around your chosen topic and provide a wealth of interesting and often practical thinking and information about every aspect of life.

Browse the various sections containing the world renowned Auroshihka Incense, our specially designed Tratak Stands, Tee-Shirts, Jewelry, Malas, Spiritual Books, Gift Vouchers and much more.

If you wish to support our work as a non-profit organisation, there is even a section to make a donation.

Thank you for shopping with as the income generated from this shop enables us to continue our work in serving the spiritual needs of humanity globally!

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