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The fastest thing in the universe is not light but thought

Thought is a force

Thought forces combined with proper visualisation has great effect because the fastest thing in this universe is not light, it is thought. It travels faster than light. You think now, instantly it is there.

By visualising a person, wherever he is, thousands of miles away, it reaches there instantly. You don’t even finish your thought and it is there already.

Thought is an entity

Thought is an entity, the most powerful entity in the universe – more powerful than any kind of nuclear energy or weaponry – more powerful than both.

So this is the method of healing. If you think of your friend to be ill, you are affirming to yourself that he is ill and you are sending to him ill thoughts. Those are weak thoughts, negative thoughts.

But think positively, you are well, damn you! So you picture him feeling well in a blue haze (blue is a powerful healing colour) and then of course a little prayer in your heart that he is well. No, not that you are going to get well. No. You are well. There’s nothing wrong with you – you are well!

…Gururaj Ananda yogi –  UK 81-2

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