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The forces from within are greater than mystical power

Why put so much emphasis on ESP and mystical powers?

The emphasis should be on integration of the mind, body, and spirit – on reaching the kingdom of heaven within, and thereby draw from that infinite source. Then our lives become smoother, more harmonious, and fulfilled; filled with love, kindness, compassion, and all the virtues that go with them. That is the aim of life; that is the goal of life—not acquiring all these so-called supernatural powers.

Mind Down – Heart Up

It works two ways—the mind pushes down, and the heart pushes up—and a meeting takes place. When this meeting takes place between the mind and heart, then the two function as a whole, and that is what we call expansion of the mind and expansion of the heart.

In the whole organic system of the human being, going right back to the primal cell, you will find that there are always balancing factors. There are billions of cells in our body, and billions of cells in our mind. At their cellular level, because of the natural laws, they are forever trying to create a balance; the laws of nature are there just to bring together and preserve this balance.

The human being’s thinking power tears them asunder and creates a separation, and this very separation is the cause of illness.

…Gururaj Ananda Yogi

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