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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Meditation – Frequently Asked Questions


Is Meditation like healing yourself?

Each time you meditate, you draw powerful healing, life supporting energies to heal you – mentally, physically and emotionally – allowing your soul to unfold. Through this process, recovery from any illness or condition is accelerated. What’s more important is that the benefits of meditation cumulatively prevent illness.

Will Meditation aid psychosomatic conditions?

Conditions such as eczema and asthma respond very quickly to the benefits of meditation. The greater relaxation experienced by the mind reflects into the physical body, and this has great benefits. We have known many cases where improvement in the condition comes either immediately or within 3-6 months of practice, either eliminating the condition or keeping it under control.

Will I be able to relax more after starting to learn to meditate?

Definitely! That is one of the great enjoyments of Unfoldment through meditation – wonderful relaxation. The mind finds the ability to still itself, and this stillness reflects into the conscious level of the mind that will then reflect into the physical – bringing physical relaxation tool. The combination of these processes gives you that great relaxed feeling all day long!

Can Meditation improve my health?

Most meditators would agree that there is an overall improvement in health. The deep rest and relaxation experienced by the body and central nervous system during Meditation is very beneficial in any illness. Most health problems, particularly psychosomatic illnesses respond very well to these practices. Powerful healing energies are drawn to you during Meditation.


Will I see lights and have flashy experiences?

Some people do have these experiences, but this does not negate from people who do not. These are not the ultimate goal of Meditation; we are all individuals and therefore will have our own unique experience. Some people have many experiences and some people do not. The best possible experiences are the changes and opportunities that will happen in your time outside of meditation bringing happiness and self-fulfilment.

Will Meditation help me focus better?

The ability to concentrate without concentration is an art easily achieved through meditating. The concentration of mental energies allows for a greater focus and one-pointedness of mind: a totally focused person is a totally relaxed person.

I have a nervous disposition, how will meditation help me?

This common condition interferes with our ability to function with ease and enjoyment. These tensions are easily overcome as we start to go within ourselves and iron out some of the inner tensions that reflect from the subconscious into the conscious mind. Then we enjoy a much more peaceful, calm existence and are not plagued with nervous tension in all that we do.

Can I be free from panic attacks?

When tension and fear combine and those senses are heightened this culminates in what we know as a “panic attack”. As you benefit from greater relaxation and greater inner strength, those attacks will become less and eventually non-existent. This process depends on the individual, but our experience of such cases confirms a quick positive outcome.

Can Meditation alleviate stress?

Stress is the greatest Dis-Ease of the mind in our modern times. Meditation naturally alleviates stress, getting to the root cause of the stress. Exercise and other forms of stress management programmes will temporarily alleviate stress, but are not powerful enough to reach the root cause of the problems. Every time we meditate, we draw energies to heal us, mentally, physically and emotionally. Therefore, Meditation resolves the cause of our stress in a unique way, allowing us to gather inner strength, coupled with conscious effort in daily living, as we positively sort out the stress points in our lives.


Is conscious effort in daily living a requirement to assist unfoldment?

Yes – most definitely! The speed of progress is only accelerated by the willingness of the individual to flow with the changes that come into our lives. Meditation gives us inner strength but we still need to act in a conscious way in our daily life to improve our personal circumstances, our challenges and problems, our environment and our relationships with other people If we combine regularity in meditation with conscious effort in daily living then our progress will be greatly accelerated, and we will immediately feel the benefits.

I’m lonely how can Meditation help me?

Loneliness is a global problem today. Meditating allows you to feel better connected to the brotherhood of mankind. We gain more confidence as we unfold and become less self-conscious. This allows us to interact socially with greater ease. The benefits are endless and clearly visible over a period of time.

Can I find happiness?

Through meditation, we make contact with our inner self and resolve the conflicts of the mind. Through this process, we come into contact with the joy that lies within and begin experiencing this more and more each day. Through Unfoldment, we even eventually go beyond Joy to where we experience Bliss. Joy is still a quality of the mind, and we must transcend this to experience unconditional divine bliss!

Will my enjoyment of life improve?

When we have removed all the surface tensions, we then start to experience the deeper levels of the mind beyond the subconscious towards the superconscious level of ourselves. At the deeper levels of ourselves, we find the superconscious self. Through meditation, this infinite reservoir is now within our reach. We draw from this area and infuse those powerful energies into the other layers of the mind. Love is the essence of this area, and it is this energy that infuses itself in every aspect of our being. This process we call the Unfoldment of the Heart. These energies become the guiding force in our life, sublimating the ego self.

Can I achieve greater tolerance?

A mixture of tension and excitation are the root causes of intolerance. As inner tensions are soothed away and virtues like patience and perseverance surface from the depths of our being, they fundamentally change us for the better. We become much more tolerant and embrace the virtue of patience.

After Meditation, will I manage better in the workplace?

Meditators benefit from greater concentration of mind, increased intelligence and mental endurance. When combined with conscious effort in daily living, these qualities guarantee a more successful career path so; interpersonal relationships in the workplace improve greatly.

Will Meditation allow me to be more confident?

Confidence is all about self-esteem. Meditation gives us the ability to introspect and gather the strength to make conscious changes in your personality. When you feel stronger, you naturally have more confidence, when you have confidence there is nothing you cannot achieve if you put your mind to it!

If I learn to Meditate, will any change in lifestyle be required?

Meditation requires no change in lifestyle. We do not ask you to change your lifestyle in anyway apart from actually doing the practices prescribed. You of yourself will make the necessary changes in your life of things that are no longer conducive for your peace and happiness.

Why is my life in a mess?

The confusion in your life is a reflection of turmoil within. As you find self-integration through personally prescribed techniques, you will resolve many of your problems from the inner strength gained by Meditating. As positive changes take place within they reflect into your daily life bringing peace and harmony.

Can Meditation help me sort out my problems?

Meditation, like the Serenity Prayer, will give you the courage to change the things that need to be changed, the strength to accept the things that cannot, and the insight to distinguish between the two. Problems in your life are a reflection of unresolved matters within you. As soon as you become more centred within yourself through meditation, you will begin to view these problems in a new light. This process produces greater inner strength allowing you to truly face yourself, your environment and problems with a clearer, more focused mind. From this new standpoint, you can make the necessary changes in your life for greater happiness and self-fulfilment.


Is the realisation of divinity possible through Meditation?

The purpose of Meditation is to realise Divinity. For FISU meditators, this process is accelerated by the powerful personal practices prescribed for each individual. When you are ready – Realisation will dawn but the hard part, where our effort is required, is in the preparation. Meditation is a tool for that preparation!

What is the difference between Meditation and Prayer?

Simple – in Prayer, you speak to God or your chosen deity, and in meditation, God, or your chosen Deity, speaks to you. This means that you are communicating at the deepest level of yourself where you are in contact with that omnipresent force.

Will Meditation help me in my search for God?

Yes, regardless of your motives for learning to meditate it is an effective system which will lead you towards the light within – the light of the Divine.

Can Meditation help me answer the question ‘Who Am I’?

The scriptures say, “Know thy Self”. Where these words fail us is they do not tell us HOW! Through diving deep within ourselves, through personally prescribed Meditation, an unveiling of the patterning deep within the mind occurs and gives us an actualisation of who we are. Slowly we attain a sense of knowingness about ourselves, a sense of freedom and we find we can act rather than react, understand rather than reject and to love rather than cling. From this knowingness, all is revealed in a wonderful natural process of self-discovery.

Do I need to have a belief?

You do not need to have a belief – just keep an open mind.

…is FISU a religion?

FISU is a nonreligious, non-denominational organisation. Our teachings embrace all religions, philosophies and understandings there is no conflict with your own personal religion or belief.

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