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Do our positive thoughts help others?

Good vibrations!

Good positive living thoughts are to be sent to someone who needs them – and it has greater effect if sent to an enemy than to a friend.

You cannot alter the basic pattern of his karma as if he has sown onions; he will reap onions and not potatoes. That is definitely so, but by your positive thoughts, you are creating or altering the environment around him. The vibratory atmosphere around him so that it makes his path so much smoother.

The man has an operation. Now, by you sending those positive thoughts, you are not going to remove the scar of the operation, but you will help to alleviate the pain or make it less painful. That’s a great service because by you doing this you are conveying through your thought forms – you are conveying a great love. What greater thing can man give another than love? So it is a benefit to him but a greater benefit to you because you are opening yourself and allowing that love to go. The more you give, the more shall you receive.

…Gururaj Ananda Yogi – UK 81-7


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