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Stress Management

Stress Management


What is Stress?

Stress is subjective and, therefore, transient. Dealing with a particular situation could be considered stressful for one individual and a pleasure to the other. This tells us that stress is subjective i.e. dependent on the individual's perception. Consequently, it must be transient i.e. temporary and, therefore, removable. FISU Meditation is the perfect, natural, drug and potion free stress management tool.

Definition of Stress

Two people witness the same road traffic accident, but when you read their reports, you would find differences of content and opinion.

Because of our individuality, we will experience events in life according to our internal patterning and makeup. Therefore, our perception is dependent on what is stored within the mind, and it is this individuality that gives us our unique character and personality.

In other words, our stress levels are subject to external influences that trigger off tension within us.

Stress Test

The mind has different levels of functionality; the surface of the mind or conscious mind acts as an information exchange qualifying all the information passed to it by the senses with what is stored in the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the “judge” and treats the information according to its make-up.

However, if the information fed through the conscious mind to the subconscious is acceptable it will simply store the information for future use, and dependent on the type of information; in short, or long term memory.

However, if the information it receives is contra to what is stored, does not harmonise with what is within, or does not follow an original pattern, it will try to reject the information. In the process of doing this, it will send ripples of energy through the mental system by returning the information to the conscious mind. The conscious mind must resolve this information or disturbance and therefore as there is minimal room to store this information it transfers these energies into the body but remains disturbed by the events. We then feel tense!

This process will be felt in the physical body as the body is a grosser form of mind and the two are totally connected. This is how we come to have a headache, stiff neck, tight shoulders and rigid posture, as the physical body absorbs the tension.

Now the trouble starts. If the mind lacks stability and strength, the information fed to it will continually cause tension within the conscious mind and this will reflect itself into the physical body.

Stress Management

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Through meditation and the relaxation gained, the conscious mind can empty itself of the surface tensions and the whole area as far down as the subconscious area of the mind is calmed. The physical tension held within the body is dissipated and the whole nervous system has been temporarily cleansed. That is why we find meditation so, so relaxing.

So, as we meditate twice daily, we begin to shed a lot of the tension we absorbed during our day. Then as we dive deeper and deeper within ourselves, we begin to draw on the pure life force that resides deep within us, and we begin infusing this into the subconscious mind where all our patternings are stored.

Stress Relief Techniques - Meditation - The Perfect Stress Reliever - Stress

As these higher forces begin working on the conditioned and patterned areas within, they begin to sublimate and refine these thoughts or patterns. It is said, “matter of a lower frequency or vibration cannot survive in an environment of a higher frequency and it must, therefore, be dispelled". This scientific principle is the key factor in Spiritual Unfoldment, where the higher, subtle spiritual energies that we bring forth from within the mind infuse themselves within the subconscious mind, and because this matter is of a low vibration, it is slowly dispelled. This matter would be the memories of the past, anxieties, insecurities and patternings that we have carried within us, impressed on the mind, stored in the storehouse of impressions that constitute the mind that we call the subconscious mind.

Therefore, Spiritual Unfoldment is more than just calming the conscious mind and physical body, as it deals with the cause of where the trouble lies.

A sublimation process continues each time you meditate and the adversities buried in our personality slowly become resolved as we relive them in a manner that allows us freedom from them forever.

Reduced Stress Levels

Hence, our stress levels will become less and less over time. The process of change is accelerated by the willingness of the individual to flow with the changes that come into their life.

Not only do we find relaxation, but also through the internal cleansing process, we learn much more about ourselves. This is the path to self-realisation, for when all those patternings within are resolved, you will be like a hollow flute through which divinity’s melody will play without obstruction. Then truly can your inner light shine forth!

So you see the importance of meditation, which leads you to relaxation, to self-discovery, to overcoming your problems and realising your true divine nature.

The process of Spiritual Unfoldment cannot commence until you have the correct tools that will take you beyond the machinations of the mind to those deeper recesses of the superconscious self. Many techniques only deal with relaxation and therefore only offer temporary relief. Spiritual Unfoldment offers the path of knowing yourself in totality using meditation as the tool.

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