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Conceptualisations of the mind

Going beyond the processes of the mind

The mind is made up of conceptualisations, but these are none else than patternings which we have created in the mind.  This is a natural process in day-to-day living, but if you can go beyond this process, you can stand above it and observe it so that the perceived previous patternings and conceptualisations of the mind do not affect you.

What is there is there –  you cannot destroy it, but you can rise above it.  And, by rising above it, becoming the observer, you can see it in its true value. The true value is beyond it.  For the inner workings of the mind, working with its values, are mixed up in their emotions, and they do not know the true value of it.  They are involved in it, yes, but they do not know the true value.

Just step on step aside in your spiritual practices

The mind itself cannot know the true value of itself. The mind only evaluates itself according to its values.  Just step one step aside in your spiritual practices and watch it.  You will find that all those thoughts of the mind are totally valueless.  They are valueless because they do not bring happiness to you.  But, if you step one step to the side and observe it, you will see the futility of the workings of the mind and in that very observance, you will say, “This is rubbish, for I, the observer, the real me, is happy.”

Stand apart from the mind

These are the realisations people have to understand. When this is understood, you could put the mind aside.  Do not analyse the mind, for you would become more and more involved in the mind by the process of analysis.  But stand apart for a moment and observe the mind’s functioning, and you will realise and recognise how false it is.

…Gururaj Ananda Yogi –  US 87-58


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