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Trying to define Gurushakti

The power of God’s grace

If you define gurushakti, you would be trying to define God, and God is grace. Your mind is finite and could never comprehend the infinite, no matter how much you try. Your mind is not capable of the analytical process that could define something which is not analysable. How can you do it?  You can’t analyse it but it works, and you experience it.

The gurushakti practice is a remembrance. You cannot conceive of the abstract. That is beyond you, beyond your mind.  But you can conceive of something concrete, and that concreteness is just but a focal point to reach the abstract. So through the concrete, you reach the abstract, and you experience the abstract.  You don’t experience the guru, but you experience that which the guru symbolises. So do your practices. The more you put in, the more you get.


The gurushakti practice is just a remembrance. It is the most powerful practice that you will ever find that will keep you attuned; that will keep your individual self-attuned to the universal self, that will keep your little ‘I’ attuned to the big ‘I’, and that is in you and nowhere else.

…Gururaj Ananda Yogi – US 82-19

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