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You are Beautiful

Life is so beautiful, but we fail to appreciate the beauty within us.

Do you know that each and every person is totally beautiful because we don’t look at face value? Each and everyone is a beautiful person because your real, inner self is beautiful.

Learn to recognise that. Learn to feel that and you will see how your confidence will grow and how you will feel yourself be a better person.

You could be rich or poor or whatever – that doesn’t matter. That’s just incidental because you came with nothing and you’re going with nothing, but learn to recognise yourself to be beautiful and you will find yourself to be beautiful.

So, the mind conditions your beatitude until you start realising it. So start with the mind. No one denies you this. Start with the mind and say, “I am beautiful. I’m great. I’m a master of my life. I am one with God.”

Slowly and gradually through your spiritual practices, you will realise it – and that is called Self-Realisation, with a capital ‘S’. That is how you will recognise, cognise or know or realise Self Realisation. Then all troubles are gone. `

…Gururaj Ananda Yogi – UK 85-20

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