The quest to be further "Spiritually Awakened"

Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening on The Path of Unfoldment

For some people, there is a special “mountain-moving” moment in their lives where everything changes caused by a profound realisation of something – often something higher than ourselves. It elevates us upward to a new level of understanding.

The catalyst that caused that experience did not just happen. It was a build-up, and a silent preparation was occurring in the background.  Like molten lava bubbling deep within the earth’s crust that suddenly can no longer be contained as it has reached a certain temperature, it must travel upwards and explodes out through the mountain top.

For others, it is a journey up a gentle incline, and that’s fine too – both have equal value.

Our Level of Evolution

Everyone is awakened to some degree, and of course, that depends on our level of evolution.  That said, meditation, spiritual practices and the process of spiritual unfoldment can expedite this process and escalate our evolution, or as we call it – “spiritual unfoldment or growth.”

Some people experience “psychic” experiences during this process, but we have to remember that psychic abilities are still within the realms of the mind, and have no direct spiritual value, albeit they can be valuable signposts on the path.

We can continue to develop ourselves psychically, but this will be at the expense of our spiritual unfoldment. This can be described as horizontal versus vertical.  We can develop the mind, and the mental levels are indeed vast, but they remain on a horizontal plane.

Relative & Absolute

The Spiritual Path of Unfoldment is a vertical path, and this is where we should focus our attention.  We can also interpret this as the relative and the absolute – the horizontal level being the relative and the vertical being the absolute.

This is beautifully symbolic in the Christian cross where the relative and absolute cross at a point that could be descriptive of where man is today.

How does someone become more spiritual?  What is spirituality?

Being religious is not necessarily the same as being spiritual. Being spiritual is dependent on how unfolded you are and meditation is the perfect tool to expedite your unfoldment.

The true measure of spirituality, or of an unfolded person, is their capacity to love and to love beyond any limitations in total purity.

This is achievable through individually prescribed meditation as taught through the FISU system.  The ultimate goal of any meditation practice is to become self-realised, but the process to achieve this is through spiritual unfoldment, and we use meditation as the most effective tool to attain this.

Spiritual Focus

FISU´s methodologies are totally focused on the path of spiritual unfoldment or evolution.  Our techniques are designed to bring this unfoldment rapidly, yet in a balanced manner for each individual.

Every student that comes to learn receives their individually prescribed set of meditation and spiritual practices.  This guarantees a more profound experience, improved well-being, and of course, the unfoldment of love and happiness.

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