Bienvenidos a Meditación FISU

La Meditación FISU enseña una forma única de meditación individualmente prescrita y prácticas espirituales que incluyen elementos de mindfulness. Nuestras técnicas son fáciles de aprender y se realizan sin esfuerzo, aun así, te conducen a un bellísimo viaje de transformación personal a través del autodescubrimiento y te establecen en una sólida base de bienestar y paz:

De la turbulencia a la tranquilidad ✔ Del caos a la calma
De la inseguridad a la confianza ✔ De la tristeza a la felicidad
Del vacío a la plenitud ✔ De lo ordinario a lo dinámico
Del malestar al bienestar ✔ Del dolor a la sanación
Del mindful a lo espiritual ✔ De la indiferencia a la compasión
Del odio al amor ✔ De la alegría a la felicidad
Del adormecimiento espiritual al despertar ✔ Del conocimiento a la sabiduría
De la inconsciencia a la iluminación ✔ De la oscuridad a la luz

De nosotros hacia ti: para comenzar tu viaje de transformación personal y recibir más información, por favor, llama ahora a nuestra sede principal en España:

+34 654591997 o dirígete a Centros de Enseñanza.

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Acerca de nuestros cursos

El curso de Meditación FISU impartido por nuestros cualificados profesores, se compone de 9 sesiones de unas 2 horas de duración cada una y se prolonga alrededor de 3 meses, enseñándose de manera individual o en grupos reducidos.

Todas nuestras técnicas de meditación y prácticas espirituales, prescritas individualmente para cada persona que se acerca a aprender, están diseñadas para favorecer el descubrimiento espiritual, e incluyen, además, elementos de mindfulness. Aprenderás diferentes técnicas nuevas durante el curso.

Fundamentando nuestro método existe una filosofía moderna, espiritual y aconfesional que actúa de soporte para el aspirante espiritual o para cualquiera que desee transformar su vida. También ofrecemos apoyo de por vida y programas de continuidad, para incrementar la espiritualidad, la conciencia y el bienestar.

Tenemos 70 centros de enseñanza en 13 países, que están en constante expansión.

FISU promueve las enseñanzas del Avatar – Gururaj Ananda Yogi –  quien diseñó nuestro sistema único de meditación y nuestra filosofía.

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Elige un curso

Nuestros cursos de meditación tienen lugar la mayoría de las semanas del año y puede que haya un centro de enseñanza en tu localidad. Mira nuestros cursos no residenciales y residenciales.

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Base del Conocimiento Espiritual

Practicar meditación con regularidad y poner esfuerzo consciente en la vida diaria es muy recomendable para acelerar nuestro Descubrimiento Espiritual.

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Spiritual Knowledge Base

Peace cannot be found through the mind

Peace is experiential To find peace can never be done through the mind for every problem you solve will create a dozen other problems.  And when you solve those, they will create more and more and…

Neutralising bad thoughts

Changing the polarity of the mind. Keep on doing as much good as you can and you will balance out the bad karmas, the impressions or samskaras in the subconscious mind. For example, if for five…

Managing anger

Be angry with anger! If you want to be angry, by all means, be angry, but be angry with anger. Bring that to your conscious recognition when you feel angry and ask, "What is this all about? Who is…

Creating our own suffering

You do not need to suffer! "Why must people suffer?  They do not need to.  They bring it all upon themselves, totally unnecessarily.  It's like a fish being in the ocean and dying of thirst.  It…


  • The Festival of Holi helps to bring the society together and strengthen the secular fabric of India and Indian communities around the world. The festival is celebrated by non-Hindus also as everybody likes to be a part of such a colourful and joyous festival.

    Also, the tradition of the Holi is that even the enemies turn friends on Holi and we forget any feeling of hardship or resentment that may be present. Besides, on this day people do not differentiate between the rich and poor and everybody celebrates the festival together with a spirit of bonhomie and brotherhood.

    In the evening people visit friends and relatives and exchange gifts, sweets and greetings. This helps in revitalising relationships and strengthening emotional bonds between people.

    Have a holi day!

    #holi #holicelebrations #meditation #fisumeditation #themeditationguru #holifestivalofcolours #festival

    Loneliness is a mental state and is not the same as being alone.

    Even if you are in a crowd of people, you can still feel lonely, but you are not alone as you are in a crowded room. What you are experiencing is separation, which can be an imbalance between introversion and extroversion.

    There are different forms of loneliness from missing a partner, difficulty with friends or social circles because you do not have a partner or “I’m different”, so I do not fit in or something along these lines.

    Loneliness is very much connected with happiness which is a mental state that we have been conditioned to experience based on the values of the society in which we live. At this level, happiness has an opposite – unhappiness and is it also possible to experience both at the same moment. Therefore, this shows it is a temporary state at the mercy of exterior influences - the ups and downs of life.
    Our society tells us that happiness is being rich monetarily, to own luxurious possessions, and is based on material accumulation or wealth but we know that neither of these can give us permanent happiness.

    Through loneliness, why do we feel separate from others or society – it could be that we have lost touch with others because of our past experiences and our hurts, disappointments or insecurities.

    Furthermore, the reality is that we have lost communication with who we are. Lonely people often wrongly assume they have nothing to contribute, their opinions do not count, and they have nothing to share. Of course, this is so wrong and is just because of insecurity.

    We have become introvert – and this is a very lonely place to be as our communication abilities with others diminishes. So, even though we are in the same room, we feel alone or detached and have become introvert.

    So, first, we have to return to greater security and stability that can be done quickly with meditation. Meditation is perfect for allowing us to be re-connected with our self first, and then with the world around us including its inhabitants.

    #lonely #loneliness #introvert #extovert #fisumeditation #themeditationguru #separation

    Did you know that meditators can easily deflect negative thoughts and emotions because their minds have greater strength - an attribute of spiritual unfoldment.
    When we feel unhappy with ourselves and feel a failure or negative things are happening to us or around us, we shun good things by default.

    Once we feel sorry for ourselves, lose our confidence, or feel self-critical, we find it hard to associate with anything good or positive. Our negative thoughts attract more negative situations, and that’s why a succession of adverse events occur as we have attracted them.

    All the good things in our life we neglect or push away, like meditating - the practice that can help us most when times are difficult, restore the positive, create balance, make us feel good about ourselves again - and more so, to be objective to what’s happening around us.

    If we are caught in this scenario, let’s remind ourselves of all that’s good in our lives, bring it to the fore of our mind, and if those negative thoughts or emotions arise in our head, try to observe them objectively not giving them the attention they demand.

    Through meditation, we can deflect negative thoughts and emotions with ease from our minds – push them away. Over a period of meditation, those thoughts will be naturally refined and will become less bothersome.

    Accentuate the good, the positive - diminish the negative!

    #negativethoughts #emotions #fisumeditation #themeditationguru #unhappiness #goodversusbad #meditation #meditating #balancedlife

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  • A woman is God’s finest creation.

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