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Our lives are governed by our attitudes

Right thinking – positive results!

Our lives are governed by our attitudes.  If you have the right attitude towards life, you will find things just coming and happening for you. Everything comes to those that think good and act good.  Do good, be good – simple!

Do not let desires be ridiculous

You would be surprised how your wishes and desires could be fulfilled.  Do not let the desires be ridiculous such as wanting a million pounds to fall in your lap –  that will not happen.  But, if you have the proper kind of planning, a burning desire to achieve something, perseverance, hard work – nothing comes without work – then with all that you will find that the plans will just dawn upon you.

And with proper planning, carrying them out, and setting a goal that in five years’ time I will have a million pounds, then you will have it!  Just tune your mind to it –  the radio of your mind.  There are millions of broadcasts around here, but if your radio is faulty, you can’t pick up any broadcast.

So life is a matter of attitude.

…Gururaj Ananda Yogi – UK 84-4

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