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Managing anger

Be angry with anger!

If you want to be angry, by all means, be angry, but be angry with anger. Bring that to your conscious recognition when you feel angry and ask, “What is this all about? Who is angry? Am I really angry? Is the real me really angry, or is it just the turbulence in my mind for the moment?” Then all turbulence subsides. The more refined the mind is, the quicker the turbulence subsides.

Anger & The Enlightened

Even the most enlightened person has moments of anger or even pretended anger to teach someone. But the anger is of such a superficial level that it leaves no scar or samskara on the mind whatsoever.

That is why the enlightened person is not bound by the thought or the action. In other words, they have found freedom in bondage, and bondage in freedom. That is the secret.  

…Gururaj Ananda Yogi – UK 79-24



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