Meditation Classes ‘Help Teenagers With Stress’

Mothers helping daughter through meditation

Parents with stressed out and anxious teenagers may want to send them off to some meditation classes, as it is now being suggested that the practice could actually be of particular benefit in managing such conditions.

Wilson High School in Portland in the US is now putting on lessons for its students where, for an hour and a half three days each week, they come along to practice walking and sitting meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, journaling and visualisation techniques, according to the Daily Mail.

“Sometimes I have trouble breathing, I have panic attacks. This class helps me bring more attention to my breath and overcome that,” junior Cassia McIntyre told the news source. “I’m less stressed out and able to better cope with stress.”

Teacher Caverly Morgan is the mastermind behind these school sessions and observed how important it is to have a strategy to help youngsters cope while in secondary education, as it’s such a big period of change and there are all sorts of pressures for them to deal with.

Meditation can be really beneficial in helping people cope with what modern life has to throw at them. It trains us to respond in a more positive way to external stimuli, particularly challenging and difficult occurrences, and shows us how to become more aware of ourselves and the present moment.

By undertaking such a practice, you can alter the pattern of your responses to what is going on around you, allowing you to manage situations more effectively and not blow everything out of proportion.

FISU has special techniques for children and teenagers.

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