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FISU operates under UK Data Protection License No: Z5974676.  FISU has an industrial/government level shredder and all communications that are printed are afterwards shredded to main the utmost privacy.

FISU – Foundation for International Spiritual Unfoldment is committed to protecting your online privacy while providing you with the most useful and enjoyable Web experience possible. While you can use many features of the FISU – Foundation for International Spiritual Unfoldment website anonymously, you are required to provide personal information to gain access to some of our content and services.

How we collect and use personal information

When you purchase products via the FISU – Foundation for International Spiritual Unfoldment website’s online shop, the only information required is your name, address (for deliveries) e-mail, country, and ZIP/postal code. With your approval, we will occasionally send e-mail to notify you about important changes to the site, new services, news, announcements and special offers from us. If you would rather not receive these e-mail notifications, you can simply indicate that preference either when you register or by replying to any e-mail you receive from FISU – Foundation for International Spiritual Unfoldment.

We work tirelessly to make sure that we use any information you provide us only in ways you have approved.

What we provide to third parties

While FISU – Foundation for International Spiritual Unfoldment does not provide any third-party access to your personal information, we may provide third parties with aggregate statistics about our customers, traffic patterns, and related site information. This data reflects site usage patterns gathered during customer visits to our Web site each month, but it does not contain behavioral or identifying information about any individual member unless that member has given us permission to share that information.

Obtaining your consent

By using our Web site, you give FISU – Foundation for International Spiritual Unfoldment permission to collect information about the pages served to you as an anonymous user for the purpose of calculating aggregate site statistics. If you register at FISU, you authorise FISU – Foundation for International Spiritual Unfoldment to use information you provide to personalise the information we deliver to you and to use your demographic information when calculating aggregate customer data. As a registered member, you give FISU – Foundation for International Spiritual Unfoldment permission to send you e-mails related to the services to which you subscribe.

If you are under the age of 18, you must not provide your name, e-mail address, or any other identifying information without the consent of your parent or guardian, or as otherwise provided for by applicable law.

Any changes to our privacy policy will be posted on this page so that you are always aware of what information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances we disclose it.

If you have any further queries in this regards, please contact us.

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Henkinen tietämyskanta

Säännöllistä meditointia ja tietoista vaivannäköä päivittäisessä elämässä suositellaan nopeuttamaan henkistä avautumista.

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    Learn to care for yourself responsibly.

    Sometimes we neglect and punish ourselves as we do not like who we are and create a sense of unworthiness. We have to learn to love ourselves as in reality, our capacity to love others is partly dependent on our love for ourselves.

    This sounds a contradiction as many would say it is easier to love others and I should love others more than myself, or my focus should be on others. It can be, but everything starts with us.

    As acceptance is the first step to accepting and loving ourselves, we dilute the ability to express more profound levels of love if we are dominated by our insecurities and self-dislike. Even minor insecurities dimish our ability to love profoundly as they act as a barrier.

    A little self-love is not indulgent but should not be ego based, meaning there is no comparison with others or another standard but our own. Acceptance and self-love are a catalyst to a deeper form of love that we can express. When the ego is in balance, blame does not deflate you, and neither praise elate you.

    Meditation clears away the debris in our soul, strengthening us and helping us resolve our insecurities as we draw from that spiritual force within, and when we have access to those subtler levels, everything changes in our life. That spiritual energy from within cleans and corrects as part of this process of unfoldment or opening of the heart and what’s discovered is more than an emotional state or romantic love, it is a profound, powerful, all-encompassing spiritual love.

    The final path of the path is to become love. Tat Tvam Asi – I am that I am!
    Apart from opening your heart so you can express love with ease, Meditation can help you:


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    Learn to care for yourself responsibly.
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