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FISU Meditation teaches a unique form of individually prescribed meditation and spiritual practices that include mindfulness elements.

Our techniques are easy to learn and effortless to practice, yet take you on a beautiful journey of personal transformation through self-discovery.

This establishes you on a solid foundation of peace and well-being and better health.  You’ll learn to relax profoundly and naturally eradicate negative stress from your life – and you’ll achieve this quickly under our guidance.

Instructor Led, In Person or Online Meditation Courses

The FISU Meditation course is taught by our qualified teachers and comprises of 10 sessions or classes each taking around two hours. The course has four modules and takes around three months to complete and is taught on an individual basis or in small groups.

All our meditation techniques and spiritual practices are individually prescribed for each person that comes to learn and are designed for spiritual unfoldment and include some mindfulness meditation elements. You will learn several new techniques during the course.

Underpinning our methods are a modern, spiritual, non-denominational philosophy that acts as a support to the spiritual aspirant or anyone who wishes to transform their life.

We also offer a lifetime of support and ongoing programmes to increase spirituality, consciousness and well-being.

We have 70 teaching centres in 13 countries and are continually developing new areas.

FISU promotes the teachings of Avatar – Gururaj Ananda Yogi, who designed our unique system of meditation and philosophy.

To begin your journey of personal transformation, and for more information, please call our UK HQ now on:

+44 (0) 843 289 9898 or see a list of our meditation teaching centres here.

London Meditation Classes

With multiple meditation classes opening in London, you can see all London meditation classes listed here.

Upcoming Free Meditation Introductory Talks

    Forthcoming Introductory Talks at 30 UK Locations (for the next 60 days).
    Forthcoming Worldwide Events (Not Introductory Talks)

    Choose a course and locate your nearest teaching centre

    Our Meditation Courses run most weeks of the year, and there could be a teaching centre in your location. View our non-residential and residential courses and then locate your nearest teaching centre

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    A unique system of individually prescribed meditation

    The world's only individually prescribed meditation system. Your personal transformation is expedited as your will receive a unique set of individually prescribed meditation, mindful and spiritual practices

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